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Welcome dear friends

Welcome PictureAstralSoup Design was born in 2013 under the name Bahamondes & Furan. Initially focused on the design of skins for the XMPlay music player, its portfolio included styles for Media Player Classic Homecinema, the PlayStation(TM) Portable (PSP) and 7-Zip.

After the disbandment of Nicolas Bahamondes and Kitsune Furan, the design firm became AstralSoup Design, in honor to the original founders of the mascot Foxion, Lauren and Britty. They became young skin designers for the AUDION media player on Mac OS and brought childish designs to the platform.

I share the vision of developing the way they did, hence the name.

Until 2020, the brand was recognized as independent. Since then, it is acknowledged as a Nicolas Bahamondes brand under the umbrella of LIGHTBULB Atelier.

This is the place where we design the classic way,
where we forget the coldness of the modern world,

a place where color, shapes and happiness prevail,
this is our universe, a universe where we dream again,
where we are kids again,
this is AstralSoup's spirit.

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