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BunnyThis is the place that we call the Galactic Gazette. Here you can find all of our news related to latest releases and hotfixes of our published skins. The first articles of the Galactic Gazette were published in the Un4seen forums.

Because this is a really basic website, you will notice that all the articles are published in just one page. My apologies if you have to scroll too much. Sorry, it wasn't my intention to make your thumb aches.

It's been a long trip
November 8th, 2019

I can't believe how time goes by.

AstralSoup Design had begun a long time ago as an experimental proposal with a college friend, Kitsune Furan, in search of usability and good-looking skin developments under the XMPlay platform back in 2013. Several years later, we both splitted our paths and I was the only one who worked with skins here.

Named after two teen FOXION skin designers in the MacOS days, AstralSoup Design was the name I chose to unify our releases. The idea was refocusing design towards childish features. I wanted to bring beautiful skins for music lovers, yet in a world that has forgotten the art of skinning in favor of modern consistent designs.

I miss those old days, but I know time can't go back, and we have to move forward with technology advancements. I lost the interest because of that. I thought this for several months, I also have new plans in my life. It's time to farewell this 6-year-old project and thank those users who chose an AstralSoup skin ever. I am aware of the incomplete status of FOXION and the Stuff Updater utility, sincerely I have no inspiration to keep on developing those ones. Nevertheless, you can ask me for the source files if you want to continue with them.

I take this opportunity to thank Ian Luck for his dedication when I had one silly question after another regarding his skinning engine, he also incorporated several features to XMPlay to fit my crazy ideas, such as the volume level huds between the music time indicators (I always remember that). I also want to thank Yanek, Raina and "r" for their valuable feedback.

It's been a great trip, guys. Now it's time to begin another new. I will miss the XMPlay skin development nights.


Nicolas W. Bahamondes
AstralSoup Design

FoxionHD Public Beta 1 is officially published!
February 6th, 2019

After several ping-pong bug squashing (thanks for your help Ian ;)), FoxionHD Public Beta 1 is now published in the XMPlay Support Site. Isn't it a huge skin? This is AstralSoup's biggest skin built ever, with an eye animation sequence weighting 25MB uncompressed!

Suggestions are welcome, there are little things to polish before reaching a final version. In the meantime, enjoy this release. :)

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